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June is Pride Month and National Safety Month!  Let's keep each other safe from discrimination and poisonings/overdoses. And remember, if you're in crisis, please contact the 988 Lifeline immediately.

Our Vision

is that young people have a strong belief in themselves, the skills and support to make excellent life choices, and the resilience to grow into healthy adults.  Learn more and get involved.

  • Jose Villasenor, Irving ISD
    Jose Villasenor, Irving ISD

    "Your commitment to recognizing and valuing educators goes above and beyond, and it plays a vital role in motivating them to continue positively impacting our students' lives."

Our Impact in 2022 in Dallas, Ellis and Navarro Counties

A compelling statement about how we are changing the community for the better.

  • Youth Prevention Programs


  • Community Coalition Partnerships (CCPs)


  • Health and Wellness


Mother Teresa Was Right!

Even my kids enjoy the activies!

Mother Teresa said, “I alone can’t change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Imagine you live in a rural community, and your son or daughter finally made the big decision to seek substance use treatment, but you have no way to get him/her there.

We received several such calls this year from rural families seeking treatment for substance use but had no means to get to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. These requests inspired us to create Health Ride Share. This small ripple has allowed us to increase access to care for rural youth and adults who need detox and treatment in DFW. 

My name is Reanna Liversage, and I am blessed to be the director of community coalitions for Drug Prevention Resources. I firmly believe that, like Mother Teresa, we can come together to cast stones across the waters of our communities, creating many ripples to achieve long-lasting change.   

This is what Drug Prevention Resources does.  Through our four IMPACT Community Coalitions in Dallas, Red Oak, Waxahachie and Corsicana, we cast stones that build relationships and mobilize communities to create ripples that lead to healthy and resilient youth.

Here’s the bottom line: Without your financial support, there are no ripples. You are the stone. You make all the difference. How?

You help us implement youth programs and services that prevent harmful behaviors while addressing the external environment in the community, relationships, cultural norms, beliefs and attitudes. Your support helps provide:

  • Youth emotional support services and character-building programs that address educational needs.
  • Support to frontline workers to reduce burnout and build community resiliency.
  • Identification of the physical needs of the community like public transportation, safe walking spaces and access to healthy foods.
  • Serving the community really lights me up!  It’s my “why,” but I can’t do it without you. Your financial contribution makes possible the many ways that our team creates more ripples and achieves greater impact among youth and families.

May you and your family be blessed through these holidays and in 2023. Will you be a blessing to all those needing our support? Click here to donate.

Health & Happiness,