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July is Social Wellness Month, described as nurturing yourself and cultivating healthy relationships among family, friends, and co-workers. Did you know that 43% of Americans say they are more anxious than they were a year ago? Healthy connections will help. Remember, if you're in crisis, contact the 988 Lifeline immediately.

What We Do

Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight 

Hidden In Plain Sight is an opportunity for parents, teachers and others who work with adolescents to experience and explore the environment of a teenager and learn to spot signs of possible substance use and risky behavior. Are they hiding something? Maybe. It's up to you to find out.

The Hidden In Plain Sight mobile trailer simulates a teenager's bedroom where we have placed items which may be indicators that the teen is using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, or is engaging in behavior that could lead to substance use. Some items are obvious, some are fiendishly clever; some are well-hidden and some are sitting in plain sight.

The purpose of the exhibit is to help parents and other adults see the environment with new eyes, to see the warning signs that may be obvious once they are pointed out, and then help them have a conversation with the teen to stop dangerous behaviors before the worst happens - addiction, legal trouble, injury or even death.

The Hidden In Plain Sight mobile exhibit and training is provided at no cost to schools and organizations in Dallas, Ellis and Navarro Counties.
 To schedule a presentation, contact Lucy De La Rosa.

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